mardi gras dog parade

Every year, on the weekend before the Mardi Gras celebrations down in Soulard neighborhood in STL, there is a gigantic dog parade. Thousands of dogs, tens of thousands of people... maybe I exaggerate a bit...but maybe not. I've never seen so many dogs in one place, and the people are sometimes five or six deep along the route.

I took Moxie to march in the parade this year. We joined some folks from school who had planned a Wizard of Oz theme, complete with a Wicked Witch, Dorothy, and a troop of flying monkeys.

The flying monkeys

They were kind enough to make a wee flying monkey hat and pair of wings for the Moxster. The props were a bit overshadowed by her red hooded sweatshirt, but it was darn cute nonetheless.

I can't really think of a good list to go along with this, but I couldn't resist posting cute pictures of my dog. Is that so wrong?
This is Moxie's Uncle Kirby. He's the lead flying monkey and the world's nicest lab.

And that was my sappy dog post. The End.
Check back soon for Robots!!!

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