This past weekend I was down at SLU's research station, and it was fallish looking, but warm enough for a tank top.

Now it's in the 40s outside and I'm all chilly. Apparently it's 67 in our house right now, but I'll tell you what--it feels like its 40 degrees inside as well. In the wintertime we try to keep our thermostat set to around 58 degrees. In Maine, the thermostat battles began in early Sept., but it has been unseasonably warm in STL this fall, so I haven't had to think about the thermostat yet. That is, until right now.

Why do you care, you might ask? Because I'm taking the higher ground and instead of cranking the heat, I just donned some wool. And I'm making tea. And putting on warm socks. Give me some credit for doing my part against this whole global warming bit.

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