something in the air

Something changed today. Fall is coming, it is in the air.
Not in a crisp Up North kind of way, at least not yet. Its still pretty balmy, but a change is in the air.

I first noticed this past weekend when I was out in the field. The last time I saw the prairie at the research station was April or May, and everything was new-green and lush, making a break for it. By now the sunflowers and big bluestem are towering over my head, and the colors have turned to purples, golds and browns.

The angle of the sun is noticeably different as well, casting more fallish-shaped shadows and filtering fallish light through just-turning leaves. I wonder what its going to be like to spend fall in a place dominated by oaks, rather than maples? No brilliant oranges and reds, just more subtle tans and browns. At least a pile of oak leaves still smells delicious.

Most exciting of all? Halloween candy has hit the shelves. Whoop!

Oh, Necco company, how I love your concoctions. Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses most of all.

(photo from Candy Blog -- check it out, its amazing)

UPDATE-- I would NOT recommend eating the entire bag of Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses in three days, no matter how delicious they taste.

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