similar trajectory

So, my pre-party anxiety almost always goes a little something like this:

1. Want to have a party! Yeay!
2. Decide it is going to be low-key. No big fuss. Just a few friends and a grill.
3. Think about all the fun things I could make to eat.....
4. Ok, maybe it will be a little fuss.
5. Write invite.... stress that we don't know anyone to invite.
6. Send invite... worry that we invited too many people.
7. Decide no one will come
8. Decide everyone will come
9. How much beer? How much wine? How many cupcakes?!
10. Decide no one will come
11. Last minute run for back-up booze. Can't run out of beer. Party foul.
12. Worry that the wrong person will show up first, awkwardness will ensue.
13. Worry no one will come.
14. Worry that everyone will come.

I love parties!

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