Sequence of events which prevented a good night's sleep

We're in the midst of a heat wave here in the STL. I've never been a huge fan of A/C before I moved here, where its a total necessity. Now I'm hooked. Last night the power went out (again!) just as we were getting ready for bed.

  1. Power failure. A/c and fans die.
  2. Lay in bed, willing myself to fall asleep before the room heats up and the stuffiness overtakes me.
  3. Turn over.
  4. Turn over.
  5. Retrieve a damp washcloth from the bathroom to place on my forehead.
  6. A. decides he can't stand it and must open the windows.
  7. Neighbor turns on what sounds like a trash compactor, but must be a generator.
  8. Extremely loud bug, that sounds like a bug-zapper starts going to town outside the window.
  9. I will myself to block it out. A. goes outside, in the dark, to try to find the offending bug. Branches are shaken. To no avail.
  10. Decide the windows must be closed.
  11. The wind picks up. Decide windows should be open.
  12. Wind blessedly quiets the bug, and partially drowns out the generator. But now i'm stuck thinking about the dead branches in the back yard falling on the electric lines.
  13. A few minutes of fine, sweet, cool breeze...
  14. Thunderstorm parks directly above our house. Cacophony of thunder and intense flashes of lighting.
  15. Remember I left my bike outside.
  16. Rain is so hard its spraying in the window, across the floor to the bed where it hits our legs.
  17. (Finally!) drift off for a few blissful moments.
  18. 4 a.m.: Power comes back on. Every light in the house seems to be on. As well as a radio. And the A/C. Get up to turn things off.
  19. Dream about being in a medical experiment where I'm not allowed to sleep.

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Fort Nest said...

this was me last night! except insert: boyfriend getting home at 4:30am from a gig. arg.