Memory fails me.

The people around me, my family and friends? They are FUNNY, funny people.
Whoo, are they funny. So funny in fact that I am often left thinking, Oh boy, now THAT one is going on the ol' blog. Fo-sho.
And then I wake up the next day, and I can't remember a thing.
It doesn't even take that long. I could get up to go to the bathroom and in the intervening time, completely forget what had me rolling on the ground five minutes before.

So, Ive taken to writing things down. Little black Moleskine, storehouse of slapstick phrases and incoherent babbles.
After which I proceed to completely forget they're in there, stumbling upon scribbles months later, wracking my brain for what this could possibly mean.

Who said Are you a Quaker?! and why was it so funny (besides the obvious reasons).

Recently discovered Moleskine notes:

A: I wish I could buy into the lifelong meal plan.

L: I think I hear better in my right ear. Maybe its because I'm right handed WHAT?
(and that does accurately depict the insertion of that what)

And my favorite:
Last spring I was in Miami Beach with my two sisters during Spring Break (whoop!). Not exactly for the typical reason-- my youngest sister was at a photo conference, and the other two of us tagged along for the free hotel room (although we were technically on break from grad. school, bikinis in hand...)
Now, youngest sister had an emergency appendectomy just that week, but the conference adn hotel room were paid for so, ever the trooper, she went anyway.
One night, after a few (many) PBRs in the divey-est bar in South Beach, she got a bit confused about which direction her organ had taken just a few days before...

L: I've got something you don't have! An appendix!

And the fact that I found that funny enough to write down has nothing to do with me consuming inordinate amounts of Pabst. Nothing at all.

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