Happy Anniversary

Despite the slimy STL weather, we managed a solid day of activities for our first anniversary. Year One gifts are supposed to be paper.... so we went with tickets.
(pause) To the gun show (muscles flexed).
To the Cardinals game.
The day went down a little something like this:

+Walk around the Park
+Present from A. that was NOT paper, but in a fact a cute new shirt. Stinker. I make him a card while I was out in the field last week, during a rain storm when I was stuck in my tent. It resembles those Mother's Day cards you made when you were 8. Yeah, you know the one.

+Cardinals baseball game. We didn't actually buy tickets ahead of time, as we're not ones for planning... BUT! A nice woman was standing on the street corner GIVING AWAY perfectly good tickets for the vertigo-inducing section hanging precipitously above the first base line. We snatched 'em, up and spent our ticket money on beer, hot dogs, pretzels and ice cream in a plastic hat. Not really being Cards fans, we got bored around inning 7 and left, and from the parking garage we could hear the crowd erupting into endless whoops and hollers and cheers and explosions of applause. Apparently it got interesting once we left.

+Post game nap.
+Motorcycle ride to the
+Batting cages where we worked on our slow pitch softball swings, so we can continue to defend our title as the Tower Grove Co-ed Softball League's most dangerous duo.
+Take-out: Blackthorn for A., Lemongrass for me. Oh, House Special Rice Stick Noodle, how I love your mix of meat fish and poultry.
+Tigers baseball game on t.v. But they self-destructed before a cheering crowd in Anaheim. So instead we watched:
+Zombie Double Header - 28 Days Later & Dawn of the Dead. Nothing says appetizing like bleeding eye sockets, really.

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